Brindilles et Ficelles

Needle-felted dolls, teacups, shoesThat’s fancy French for twigs and twine, plus

Things of yours, things of mine,

Buttons and ribbons and scraps and beads,

Trinkets you love but nobody needs,

Bits of bracelets, a charm, a locket,

An orphaned earring I found in my pocket,

A broken doll from years before,

A piece of thing from the back of the drawer...

Whimsical, worrisome, wonderful things

Woven together with sticks and strings.


Recently, a friend said, “my train of thought has left the station.” That’s the way it is with me, as one handcraft melds into another. Knitting, embroidery, beads, buttons and orphaned jewels happily co-exist with needle-felted totems and accessories, extravagant crazy quilts and other fiber-art challenges in this small corner of my world.

I am happiest when creating something with my hands. Fascination with fiber, fabric, buttons and beads comes naturally to me as it has with many generations of the women in my family.

The "too much stuff" in our cupboards and closets from long ago -- whether yours or someone else's -- often open a floodgate of feelings. If the feelings aren't there,it's just clutter, but if those silly little cups and shoes and dolls give you pleasure, why not repurpose them to have new use and meaning?

As a former theater arts professional, I feel about handcrafts the same way I feel about singing – first you learn how to do it the "right" way and then you learn how to do it the way that is right for you. I continue to reach beyond traditional methods and patterns and find my own ways with design.

Please visit Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA to see more of my work.